Electric Tumble Dryer

electric tumble dryer

Tumble Dryers have become an integral part of our daily modern household appliances. They look very similar to the size of a washing machine. They are used to dry the clothes leaving people at ease and inconsiderate about the change in weather. The foremost thought that should come into the minds of the buyers while considering buying a tumble dryer is the space availability and the cost effectiveness. Next is the colour choice to suit the interior of the home. And then the models and the different features that are special in different models. Let us have a look into few features that should be considered.


There are two general classes of rotating dryers: electric and gas. Both of these refer to the method used to raise the temperature of the air flowing through the tumbler, since the tumbling action is usually electrically powered. The electric dryer works on electricity. It generally uses a coiled wire that is heated with electric current. The amount of electric current is varied to adjust the air temperature. Small "portable" clothes dryers, normally use conventional 110 volt connections.


Where as, the gas dryer employs a gas burner that burns natural gas, propane, or butane to heat the air being drawn into the drum, which is usually vented to the outside after passing through the wet clothing. The internal temperature can be altered by adjusting the size of the gas flame or, more simply, by extinguishing it and relighting it under thermostat control. Gas dryers still require electricity to spin the clothes, but the amount of power needed is much less than in an electric dryer. Thus, instead of a dedicated 240-volt connection, the motors normally run on standard 120-volt electricity.


Electric dryers includes features such as Sensor Models that senses the dryness of the clothes and stops drying the clothes once the clothes are dried as much needed. Few models do not have sensors and have Timer Models where the user has to set the time to dry the clothes. While using this model of dryers one has to carefully set the timings of drying because over drying will leave the clothes rough and stiff that will be difficult for ironing. There are different drum capacities in the Tumble Dryers ranging from 3 Kg to 10 Kg. High loading capacity dryers will be time and cost saving. There are several other special features like drying different types of clothes like silk, Woolen and denim that vary according to the models that will be expensive compared to that of the basic model of Tumble Dryers.


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