Gas Tumble Dryer

gas tumble dryer

Are you looking for a tumble dryer that offers lower running cost and cuts your electricity bills? Then a gas tumble dryer could be an ideal option to consider, as they're significantly cheaper to run than most electric tumble dryer models. Electric tumble dryers use more electric current compared to the gas tumble dryers. Gas tumble dryers are an excellent alternative to the more common electric condenser or vented tumble dryers presently n the market. 


A tumble dryer allows you to transfer clean, wet laundry straight from your washing machine. A tumble dryer also reduces drying times – between 70 and 90 minutes is typical for a standard 5kg load of cottons, depending on the spin speed of your washing machine – and the amount of ironing required. Tumble dryers are more effective when used separately than used along with the washer, all in the same machine. This type reduces the performance of the dryer. There are washer dryer combinations that have better drying options than the normal ones, but they would prove much expensive than a tumble dryer.


Different companies have come out with different types of tumble dryers nowadays. Generally there are two types of tumble dryers namely electric and gas type. The electric dryer works on electricity. It generally uses a coiled wire that is heated with electric current. Gas dryers work in the same way as electric vented machines; hot air is passed through the load to dry the clothes and moist, warm air is then vented through a hose taking the heat and moisture away.


Energy consumption and efficiency is a very important to consider while buying a dryer. In fact, a gas tumble dryer – which uses gas to heat the air which dries the clothes but still uses electricity to turn the drum – is the most economical and efficient of all. Gas tumble dryers are, however, very few and far between and the apparent savings in energy consumption must be offset against reliability which is on the whole, less than that of electric dryers.


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