Large Tumble Dryer

large tumble dryer

A tumble dryer is a common household appliance that is used to remove moisture from cloths, shortly after they are cleaned in a washing machine. Tumble dryers have a drum in which clothes are loaded for drying. These clothes are then exposed to hot air which helps in sucking out the moisture from the wet clothes.


Tumble dryer comes in different sizes. There are mini, small, medium, compact, and large tumble dryers that are made according to your needs. Large size tumble dryers are mainly meant for families with more members. If yours is a huge family with more than 8 or 10 members then it’s better you opt for a large tumble dryer. In case of a large tumble dryer the loading capacity and size are very important factors.

Loading Capacity


The first things that you need to consider when choosing a tumble dryer are how much space you have to physically accommodate one and how much drying you actually need to do. Most full-sized tumble dryers have standard dimensions of H850mm xW600mm x D600mm – although these may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer – and a drying capacity of around 6kg. So-called compact tumble dryers, on the other hand, are smaller in all three dimensions, typically at around H670mm x W490mm x D480mm and have drying capacities around the 3kg mark. This type of tumble dryer can be useful if you have insufficient space for a full-sized machine or simply require only a small load capacity. The larger the capacity of a tumble dryer, the more the clothes you can accommodate for drying.




Width/depth/height of the washer dryer are important to know prior to purchasing the machine. They are given in this format H# x W# x D#. Depth is the measurement from front to back of the machine, not the deepness of the drum. They are measured in mm (600mm) or cm (60 cm) Built-ins require exact measurements of the space on all three dimensions before purchasing. Most units are universally 595 mm-600mm in width, though the range can be 550 mm-655 mm. Stand alones (freestanding) require measurement of depth so they don’t stick out.


Large Tumble Dryer Models


The leading home appliance brands such as Miele, AEG, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Zanussi, Bosch, Hoover, LG, Siemens, etc have brought out a wide range of large tumble dryers that are currently present in the market.White Knight CL43AW – Integrated, Indesit IDV65, Candy GOC58F, AEG T56840L, Zanussi ZDE47100W Dryer, Hotpoint TCL770 TCL770P Tumble Dryer, Miele T7780C, Hotpoint AQCF852BI, Creda TVR2, LG RC8001B Tumble Drayer, Hoover VHC180 Tumble Dryer Condenser, Zanussi ZDE47100W Freestanding 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer, Zanussi TC180W, etc are a few models in our product list.


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