Miele Tumble Dryers

miele tumble dryers

Miele & Cie. was founded in 1899 and since then it has always been a family-owned, family-run company now in its fourth generation. Since the founding days, Miele’s been guided by a vision, to be “Immer Besser”. Translated from German, these words mean “Always Better” or "Forever Better". Miele produces products that are of the highest standards in terms of quality materials and craftsmanship, durability and reliability. Some of the models of tumble dryers available with Miele are:


Miele T8428C Tumble Dryer is one among the most powerful tumble dryers that offers effective drying performance. T he unit has measurements of (Height) 850 mm, (Width) 595 mm and (Depth) 580mm. The unit has a drying capacity up to a maximum of 6 Kg. Unique Honeycomb Drum and condenser drying method is facilitated, which makes the unit dynamic in operation. Delay start function allows you to set the unit to start some time later as per your conveniences. It also provides Time Remaining Display for extra convenience. The unit is equipped with a direct enamel front.


Miele T8926WP White Tumble Dryer supports a maximum drying capacity of 7kg. Condenser is the drying system available, which assures optimum drying performance. This Miele tumble dryer consumes 2.0 (kWh) power and with regard to its energy efficiency, it is graded ‘A’. The clothes are given great care with the inclusion of functions such as anti-crease action and unique honeycomb care. Direct enamel front and Removable panels are featured in this device. This dryer is available with dimensions of Height 85cm, Width 59.5cm and Depth 59.6 cm.  This freestanding unit is built with front opening, which facilitates easy loading and unloading options.


The home dryer with capacity of 6 kilograms, Miele Softtronic T 8622 C Tumble Dryer offers optimum dryness for the varied loads with different types of fabrics. This free standing appliance has dimensions of (H) 85 cm x (W) 59.5 cm and offers excellent features to dry clothes without damaging the thread or fibres of clothes. Rated ‘B’, in energy efficiency with requirement of 3.8 kWh per 800 RPM and 2.9 kWh at 1400 RPM plus Energy Savings Trust Feature provided prevent excess power inflow and wastage of it.


Miele T4464C Tumble Dryer with a 5.99 Kg capacity can dry off more clothes in less amount of time. It is graded with ‘C’ energy efficiency rating. This Miele tumble dryer is stackable and supports front loading which offers easy management options. With 10 cycles, quality performance is ensured at each level. The device supports features such as Cool Down and Moisture-Sensor making it an exceptional device. Condenser is the drying system. This device comes with dimensions of (depth) 22.8”, (height) 33.4” and (width) 24”.


The price range of these models is around £450 - £1085. On our website you can compare the quality and price of the products from Miele. We provide the shoppers an incredible shopping experience with essential tools to compare prices and product features. We also help you to know more about the products by including the reviews of the experts and previous customers.