Quiet Tumble Dryer

quiet tumble dryer

Is your tumble dryer making your life difficult? Do you need a quiet and peaceful experience when you have kept your tumble dryer on? No one wants to annoy their neighbours at odd hours or feel like a train is running through the laundry room while you are doing your laundry. Everyone wants a peaceful environment be at home or anywhere else. Then why you have to compromise in the case of your tumble dryer. Tumble dryers are available in different noise ranges. This depends on the capacity and the spin speed of the machine.


If you are in search of a tumble dryer that makes less noise then you should have an idea of the noise ranges.  The noise levels of tumble dryers are measured in decibels (dB). They usually fall into these noise ranges: Less than 40 dB, 40 - 50 dB, 50 - 60 dB, 60 - 70 dB, and 70 - 80 dB. Machines that are 45 dB or less are labelled super silent. Many fall into the 50-60 dB range. A whisper, door bell and heavy traffic are around 10 dB, 71 dB, and 90 dB respectively.


The leading home appliance brands such as Miele, AEG, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Zanussi, Bosch, Hoover, LG, Siemens, etc have launched a wide range of tumble dryers that offers fabulous features. If you want to choose a tumble dryer which works with less noise, then do an online search. In this case we can help you through our online shopping website named www.cheappricecompare.co.uk to know more about the tumble dryers and the noise level they belong to. Our website has categorised the noise levels so that it is easier for you to find the exact product you are searching for.


AEG T58860 is a Freestanding Tumble Dryer that is extremely quiet with a noise level of 62 dB. This condenser type machine has a capacity of 8kg and energy efficiency class B. The tumble dryer from Indesit, IDV65 is a vented tumble dryer which is a very quiet machine.  This tumble dryer can handle clothes up to 6kg. AEG T59840 Tumble Dryer, AEG T88840 Condenser Tumble Dryer, Baumatic BHWD12 Front Load Tumble Dryer, Zanussi ZWD14270 Front Load Tumble Dryer, Hoover VHD822 Front Load Tumble Dryer, Smeg WDI12 Tumble Dryer, Whirlpool SCW1112WH Tumble Dryer, Siemens WD12D520 Tumble Dryer, Smeg WDF16BA Tumble Dryer, Siemens WM14S795GB Tumble Dryer, Hoover VHW654 Tumble Dryer Candy GOW464 Tumble Dryer etc are few other tumble dryers you can find on our product list.


Visit www.cheappricecompare.co.uk, our online shopping website, to know more about the brands and models available in tumble dryers that give less strain to your ears and add peace to your life. We can help you to get an idea of the price and features of these products currently available in the market. You can also compare the prices and feature to find out which is the most suitable tumble dryer for you. Reading the reviews written by the experts and previous customers will provide you a better and clear picture of the brand and the product. We promise to provide you a fabulous shopping experience!