Sensor Tumble Dryer

sensor tumble dryer

Are you looking for an energy efficient tumble dryer that cuts down your electric bill? Well, you can see that there are different types of tumble dryer available to buy online, offering great energy efficiency, ease of use, clothing care and value for money. The main features you should know before buying a tumble dryer are drum, heat settings, timer, sensor and reverse tumble.


A distinguished feature that can be pointed out is the model with the timer or the sensor. In the timer model, you decide the duration of tumble drying by turning the machine’s dial to a specific time - set on a dial or digital display - or programme label. Most timers go up to 120 minutes, which should be enough to get the bulkiest load dry. However, in case of the sensor model the machine automatically stops when the clothes inside are dry. This is also known as the moisture sensor. They can save you time and money by not over drying your clothes and cutting down on your electricity bill.


Sensor Tumble Dryer vs Timer Tumble Dryer


Sensor tumble dryers which has an electronic sensor that detects the amount of moisture remaining in a drying load and adjusts the drying time accordingly are more efficient in terms of energy than timer models. Timer tumble dryers, in turn, leave the choice of drying time entirely in the hands of the user by allowing a specific drying time or type of drying – "iron dry", "cupboard dry", "extra dry", etc. – to be selected manually. Timer models are the less expensive of the two types but do require some knowledge on the part of the user – with regard to drying times for specific load and fabric, types – and introduce the possibility of over drying clothes so that they become stiff. This danger is lessened by a sensor tumble dryer, although accurate drying times are dependant on the quality of the sensor. Less expensive sensors tend to be less accurate. A sensor may also be less accurate if you attempt to dry fabrics of different weights and densities in the same load.


Some tumble dryers have a sensor fitted in them that gets alerted when the clothes inside are dry and immediately stop. This is a better way to save energy, as the machine would not run unnecessarily even the clothes are dry. Some dryers also have exciting features like crease guard and also an option called Woollens, which allows only woollen clothes to dry fast and without creasing. Other features like timer, to time the drying process, heat settings for passing the hot air through the clothes with different temperatures and other special treatment for specific types of fabrics.


A few tumble dryer models with sensors are Bosch WTE8430SGB Electric Dryer, Hotpoint-Ariston TVF760K Electric Dryer, Miele Novotronic T 7634 Electric Dryer, Creda T313VW Dryer, Hoover VHV380 Dryer, Zanussi ZDC67550 Electric Dryer, AEG Lavatherm T59840 Condenser Tumble Dryer, Hotpoint-Ariston TCD970K Electric Dryer, Bosch WTS8650BGB Electric Dryer, Miele Novotronic T 7644 C Electric Dryer, Zanussi ZDC47100W Electric Dryer, Whirlpool AWZ7913 Electric Dryer, Bosch WTV74104 Electric Dryer, etc. You can find these models mentioned above and many more with excellent features on


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