Small Tumble Dryer

small tumble dryer

The first consideration for you is likely to be space as a dryer will probably be a lower priority than a washing machine. If you're short of floor space, you may be able to stack your tumble dryer on top of your washing machine, or use it in a spare room or garage. Well you don’t have to go for such a measure. In this case, small tumble dryer will be the ideal choice for you.


Types of Tumble Dryer


A vented machine takes the damp air produced by the drying process and discharges it outside the home using a 2m plastic hose to prevent condensation. Vented machines are cheaper than condenser models and normally use less energy, but you will need to install the appliance near an outside wall or window which may not always be possible.


If you pay a little more you can buy a condenser dryer where the machine separates water from the moist air into a container which is emptied after drying, or sometimes pumped out via the washing machine plumbing if appropriate. You can install a condenser dryer in any well-ventilated room, and though they're a little more expensive to run you may prefer the freedom of not having to use a hose.


Common Features


Tumble dryers have larger drums than washing machines, because the larger the drum, the better the efficiency of hot air flow through the machine resulting in faster drying times. The best quality machines have long lasting stainless steel drums, and provide a smooth finish so fabrics don't catch. Most machines have two heat settings, for cottons or synthetics. There are a few with three settings, with the third usually for delicate clothes. They also have a timer or sensor to control the length of the drying cycle. Some machines have a cool air setting which can be used to air fabrics stored away for some time.


Benefits of Small Tumble Dryer

  1. The price range is generally much less in case of these machines.  You are only buying one machine rather than two separate machines to do the job. The smaller tumble dryers are more economical machines that require less soap and are more efficient.

  2. Of course these machines are a fraction the size of two large separate washer and dryer machines. Buying a small washer drier will thus be a very good choice. Small washer dries will definitely be beneficial to those living in student quarters, cottages, ice houses, apartments

  3. Your energy costs will be drastically lower. The user of these small washing machines will be able to save water, electricity and a substantial amount of gas.

  4. The main attraction of small tumble dryer is that you can load all your clothes at one time. No need to transfer clothes between the machines again. Due to the smaller size and greater efficiency, these machines will require much less water to operate.

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