Zanussi Tumble Dryers

zanussi tumble dryers

The Zanussi Company, established in 1916, is widely recognized for its innovative products and distinctive modern design. Now, they have a wide range of home appliance products which also include different types of tumble dryers: Vented and Condenser. Vented tumble dryers produce damp air as they dry your clothes. This damp air is released through a plastic hose. Where as, Condenser dryers collect the moisture in a water reservoir that can be emptied after each drying cycle. Let’s go through some of the fascinating tumble dryer range from Zanussi priced around £200.00 - £550.00.


Zanussi ZDC47100W Condenser Tumble Dryer is manufactured in 85.0 x 60.0x 58.0cm dimensions. The drying capacity of this tumble dryer comes to 7kg. Condenser drying method is adopted in this product. This dryer facilitates reverse action for drying clothes. Sensor drying facility is supported in this product. It supports up to 6 drying temperatures. Additional features provided are filter full and water bottle full indicators, reversible door, clothes dry indicator light and audible end of programme signal. The noise emitted by this front-loading tumble dryer is 64dB.


Zanussi ZDC5350W Tumble Dryer has dimensions of (H) 850 mm x (W) 600 mm x (D) 580 mm. The compact dimensions ensure convenient installation in available space. With condenser drying system, the maximum load capacity is 6 kilograms, apt for medium sized families. Requiring energy of 4.37 kW per load, the energy efficiency is rated as ‘C’. Emitting only 64 dB noise, it is efficient and powerful. The front loading option ensures maximum convenience while operating.


Zanussi ZDC46130W Tumble Dryer, with dimensions of (H) 33.46 x (W) 24 x (D) 22.83 inches, is compact sized to fit in the areas with space constraints. Weighing 39.5 kilograms, it has condenser type drying system. This electrical appliance with front loading feature offers optimum dryness for varied types of clothes and loads. Maximum power consumed per annum is 2350 watts. Variable temperature option for varied types of clothes, wide opening door for convenient loading and unloading of clothes, 5 numbers of programs and 2 drying temperatures, and drum capacity of 108 litres heightens the efficiency of this dryer.


Zanussi ZDC67550 Tumble Dryer designed in dimensions of (H) 84.99 cm x (W) 59.99 cm x (D) 57.99 cm, with drying capacity of 7 kilograms, has electric power source. Powerful moisture sensor to check in the dampness of the clothes and dry them effectively; condenser drying design to prevent build-up of moisture inside; cool down feature; reverse tumble action and front loading design to ensure maximum convenience in loading or removing the clothes makes this a very user friendly design.


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