Bosch Washer Dryers

bosch washer dryers

Are you running out of space for all the appliances you have? Finding it difficult to fit everything in your small apartment or home? Are you wondering where to place your washing machine and tumble dryer? Well the answer for these questions is the unique and compact washer dryer.


A washer-dryer is a combination of a washing machine and a tumble dryer dryer.
The main benefit of a combo washer dryer is its compact size. The advantage of this machine is its ability to perform many functions while taking up very little space in the household. The main reason of getting this machine should be to take care of the cleaning and drying functions in a quick and efficient manner. Another major advantage is the price of the machine. The cost of the washing machine and a tumble dryer separately is far more than the price of the washer dryer combo. This is economical for the consumer as they can get both the processes in a cost effective manner.


Many companies manufacture washer dryers, including: Bosch, Electolux, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Neff, Siemens, Smeg, etc. Bosch, one of the modern industrial giant, began its successful journey in 1886. Bosch Appliances are now available in 100 countries across the globe. Bosch tumble dryers are highlighted for their quietness, performance, energy usage and ease of use. Bosch Washer Dryer comes with stunning features and makes your work simple. Once you bring home this unit washing and drying can become an effortless work. The washer dryers from Bosch are available in the   price range of £250 - £700.00. The following are some of the models from Bosch.


Bosch WVD245S Washer Dryer comes with dimensions as (H) 85 x (W) 60 x (D) 56cms. With 15 different programs you will have feature to suit your needs. On the other hand it has a spin speed of 1200rpm, which owns itself ‘B’ spin efficiency. The unit can accommodate 5kg wash load and 2.5kg dry load. It requires 114 litres water per cycle and water consumption of 25080 litres annually. Bosch WVTI2840GB Washer Dryer is an integrated washer dryer which supports front loading. The unit is has a dimension of width 23”, height 33” and depth 22”. The maximum spin speed of this Bosch washer dryer comes up to 1400rpm and hence brings an unmatched performance. Its maximum capacity comes up to 5/2.5kg and enables you to dry more cotton in one session. The unit’s Water Consumption at 60 degrees C is up to 49 litres.


Bosch Exxcel WVD24520 5Kg/2.5Kg 1200 Spin Washer Dryer, Bosch WVTI2842GB 5Kg/2.5Kg 1400 Spin Fully Integrated Washer Dryer, Bosch Exxcel WVD2452S 5Kg/2.5Kg 1200 Spin Washer Dryer in Silver, Bosch WVD2452 WVD2452SGB Washer / Dryer, Bosch WVD2452BGB Exxcel 5Kg/2.5Kg 1200 Spin Washer Dryer, Bosch Wvd24520 Washer Dryer, Bosch WVTi2842GB, Bosch WTV74104UK are the wide range of washer dryers marketed by Bosch. You can have a look at these washer dryers on our website.


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