Combination Washer Dryer

combination washer dryer

Are you in search of a combination of a washing machine and a dryer? Washer and dryer combination offer a different laundry experience, and saves you space, too.
Combination machines are single units that feature a clothes washer positioned at the bottom and a dryer on top of it. The dryer can be powered by electric or gas. This machine is excellent for homes with no adequate spaces, at the same time is relatively less expensive than purchasing two different machines.


Washer and dryer combination can be found in a variety of sizes and load capacity, so you should be able to find a unit appropriate for the family's needs. Likewise, they are available in many types of features, basket construction, multiple wash and dry cycles, and many others. It might require you to purchase staking kits or brackets separately when trying on stacked installation, which should be available through the product manufacturer or your dealer.


There are a number of things to consider before planning to buy a combination washer dryer. You should always keep in mind the capacity and the size of the machine. It depends on where you want to place the washer dryer. Other important consideration will include the number of person living inside the house. This will determine the amount of laundry loads to be washed, that is, between 3.5 to 5 litres capacity, and sometimes more. Although, it is always better to opt for a bigger capacity than what you need, as, take note however that if you are drying the clothes as well, you will need more space than what's required.


The washer dryer’s performance rating is given on the basis of their performance. Starting with A, A up to G with A being the most efficient in cleaning, Although most washer dryers nowadays come with A to C ratings, water capacity that is used is also an important factor that you should take note of. The level of effective cleaning is handled by the speed of the spinner. For efficient cleaning, the spinning speed is necessary. 800rpm to 1600rpm are the speed range of the washer dryer. Also, it is helpful to have washer dryers with adjustable speed so that you can change the speed of the spinner for delicate clothes.


Some models of the washer dryers from the well reputed brands are as follows: Hotpoint WMF740K WMF740, Miele W2839iWPM, Miele WT2679iWPMss Washer Dryer, Hotpoint BHWD129, Baumatic BWD1212, Indesit IWDC6125 Washer Dryer, Baumatic BTD1 Washer / Dryer, Indesit IWDC6125 Washer Dryer, Baumatic BWD12.1 Fully Integrated Washer Dryer, Bosch WVD24520 Exxcel Washer Dryer 1200rpm, Zanussi ZKI245 Fully Integrated 1400 Spin Washer Dryer, Hotpoint BHWD129 1200 Spin Built-in Washer Dryer in White, AEG L16850 Washer / Dryer, AEG L14840 Washer / Dryer, Hotpoint BHWD129 Washer / Dryer, Smeg WDF12C Washer / Dryer, Baumatic BWD12.1 Washer / Dryer, Zanussi ZKI245 Washer / Dryer, Electrolux EWXR14550W Washer / Dryer, Electrolux EWX12550W Washer / Dryer, etc.


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