Compact Washer Dryer

compact washer dryer

Is space a major issue when it comes to accommodating you home appliances in you small apartment? Are you finding it difficult to fit in a washing machine and your dryer in a constrained space? The compact washer dryer is the solution to your problem.


The best factor about compact washer dryer machine is its size. They are smaller than most washers or dryers. In fact, many people install these units under their kitchen counter, because they only take up about as much space as a normal size dishwasher. An average compact washer dryer is only 33.5 inches high by 23.5 inches wide and 21.65 inches deep. It includes features such as auto select wash and rinse temperatures; water-saving rinse option; self-locking door; adjustable levelling legs. For, example, The Haier Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo HWD1000 is an elegant all-in-one solution for the vexing problems of limited space and lack of venting.


Also, the efficiency of combo units not only saves you money by using much less energy and water to operate than standard washers and dryers. Not only are these units extremely energy efficient, but they wash much better than standard washers. Combos use a front load washing design that utilizes a horizontal axis drum. This eliminates the agitator common to top load washers. In top load washers, the agitator is both very inefficient at cleaning and very rough on clothes. The horizontal axis drum on combos mimics washboard clothes washing, raising the clothes out of the water and soap and plunging them back in. Finally, the high rpm’s of the spin cycle of these units gets water and soap residue out of your clothes much better than normal washers do. This efficient and thorough cleaning process is especially helpful for people with sensitive skin or allergies to laundry soap.


Among home appliances, washer dryers have a prominent place because of its unbelievable power to do the most exhausting work. However, if the selection made is wrong it will double your work. There is no place for such regrets if you choose the right washer dryer as your helper. Many home appliance producers such as Smeg, Bosch, Electolux, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Neff, Siemens, Haier, etc has brought out a wide range of compact washer dryers with outstanding features and special characteristics.


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