Front Load Washer Dryer

front load washer dryer

Washer dryer is a dream come true for bigger households with a huge mountain of laundry and for small apartments with very little space. Washer and dryer combination offer a different laundry experience to you, and saves your space, too. This machine is excellent for homes with no adequate spaces, at the same time is relatively less expensive compared to owning a separate washing machine and dryer.
There are two types of washer dryer: top-loading and front-loading models. Both can do a good job at cleaning clothes and drying them. However, washer dryer can differ significantly with regards to capacity, water use, energy efficiency, feature options, and design.


Front loaders are one machine with both washing and drying capacity. They are capable of being built-in or freestanding and are most efficient with space. Clothes are loaded into the machine from a porthole in the front. The downsides to front loaders are that one must stoop to get clothes in and out and that it takes the wear and tear of two machines. In doing the work of two machines it takes longer time to completely wash and dry a load before you can start on another.


Top loading washer dryers are actually two machines stacked into one unit with separate tumblers and controls. They offer the same concerns and conveniences as top loading washers, except that you can fit them into a slimmer space than if you had both a washer and a dryer, and the dryer door is at shoulder level. Clothes are loaded into the washer in the top, but into the dryer through a door in the front.


The front-loading machine's greatest advantage may well be its energy efficiency, no small advantage considering an increasingly environmentally aware marketplace. The front-loading machine's spin mechanism can reach up to 1,000 rpm, as opposed to the standard top-loader's average 650 rpm. That means less water left in the laundry, which in turn gives you a shorter drying time, saving energy there, too. Most front-loading washers can be stacked with a companion dryer, an impossible feat for standard top-loaders, except for a mere few models. If floor space is important to you, a front-loading washer is the better choice.


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