Hoover Washer Dryers

hoover washer dryers

Washer dryers have been developed to make your lives simpler, taking care of the most tedious chores such as washing and drying of clothes. With advanced and revolutionised models, you can enhance your wash and dry requirements. Hoover Washer Dryer is one such product, which offers maximum productivity. Improved performance is ensured with its wide range of drying and washing features.


A washer dryer is one appliance that both washes and dries clothes. These units have only one chamber for clothes; they are not unitized or stackable washer/dryers. The main benefit of a combo washer dryer is its compact size. They are not intended to replace a washer and dryer in a typical home, but to provide a luxury to those in small residences that do not have the space for separate units. Today, many companies are there that manufacture washer dryers with excellent features that suits your requirements. Some of the top brands include: Bosch, Electolux, Whirlpool, Hoover, Hotpoint, Neff, Siemens, Smeg, etc.


The Hoover Company, founded in 1908, started out as an American floor care manufacturer based in North Canton, Ohio. The Hoover Company in the United States was part of the Whirlpool Corporation but sold in 2006 to Techtronic Industries. Hoover was owned and operated by Candy, a company based in Brugherio, Italy. Hoover was also an iconic domestic appliance brand, particularly well known for its washing machines and tumble dryers. Today, the Hoover Europe Brand, as part of the portfolio of brands owned by Candy Group, remains a major player in the European white goods and floor care sectors in a number of countries.


Hoover VHW964D Washer Dryer is built with height of 85.0cm, depth of 60.0cm and width of 60.0cm. Maximum wash load is 9kg and the maximum drying capacity is 6kg. It consumes 6.12 kW power and considering its energy efficiency the unit is energy rated as ‘A’. It consumes 68litres as its normal water consumption and regard to its wash efficiency it is graded with ‘A’. With 48 dB noise level the unit facilitates quieter operation. This washer dryer offers 1400 rpm spin speed and is graded ‘A’ as its spin efficiency. Hoover VHW854D Washer Dryer is a heavy duty washer dryer with washing capacity of 8 kg and drying capacity of 5 kg has 1400 rpm spin speed. Rated ‘A’ in energy efficiency with requirement of 5.44 kWh, ‘A’ in wash performance and ‘A’ in spin performance it is the best option with superb facilities. Designed in white colour it has dimensions of (H) 850 mm x (W) 600 mm x (D) 540 mm.


Hoover VHW654D-80 Washer Dryer, Hoover VHW856D Washer Dryer, Hoover VHW654D Washer Dryer, Hoover HDB244 White Washer Dryer, Hoover HDB284 Washer Dryer, Hoover HNWL7166 Washer Dryer, Hoover HNWL7146 Washer Dryer, The HNWF7148 washer dryer, Hoover HNWF7167 front loading washer dryer, Hoover HNWF6137 Freestanding Washer Dryer, Hoover HNWL6146 Portable Washer Dryer, Hoover 6135 Front-Loading Washer Dryer, Hoover HWD120 all-in-one washer dryer, Hoover HNWF6137 washer dryer are the other models produced by Hoover in washer dryer. The Hoover washer dryers cost around £389.99 - £799.00.


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