Integrated Washer Dryer

integrated washer dryer

The washer dryers are the most popular household appliance with a high utilitarian value for those who live in regions with cold and humid climatic conditions. Even in the tropical regions the dryers become handy when the weather is inconsistent during the monsoons or winters. Drying clothes becomes problematic under such climatic conditions. There are washing machines integrated with dryers which are expensive.  Using a dryer separately is the most effective drying process. Washer dryers are cheaper options to expedite the process of drying clothes.


A combo washer dryer is a combination of a washing machine and a dryer. The benefits associated with the washer dryer machine are its price, energy efficiency, combo functions, and space benefits. Consumers living in small sized apartments will find it difficult to accommodate separate machines for the cleaning and drying functions. The main reason is the space constraint in the house. Getting the clothes dried outside is also not a viable option. Therefore, it is beneficial for the consumer to purchase the washer dryer combo. Another major advantage is the price of the machine. The cost of the washing machine and a washer dryer separately is far more than the price of the washer dryer combo. This is economical for the consumer as they can get both the processes in a cost effective manner.


Other advantages include energy efficiency and ability to handle different type of clothes. The wattage required for completing the cleaning and drying process is far less than the conventional machines. The combo incorporates highly efficient cleaning features while handling a variety of fabrics. The energy efficiency features allows the consumer to make proper savings on their utility bills. However, the consumer should do a bit of research before selecting the kind of washer dryer combo that is best suited for their household. If the consumer matches their needs with the specification provided for the washer dryer combo, it will benefit them in the end.


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