Large Washer Dryer

large washer dryer

If you are part of a huge family with more than 6 members, you daily or weekly will pile up like a huge mountain. It would be certainly difficult for you to do the laundry when such a load is in front of you. It would be much more tiresome if you own a small size or medium size washer dryer. To do the laundry, you have to divide the clothes into more than one section. This will definitely increase your work load, and of course the electricity bill.


The best option for you in such a circumstance is to opt for a washer dryer of huge size. The larger the capacity the more clothes you can load in. You can wash and dry all your clothes at one go. This will ease the burden on your shoulder. A washer dryer is one appliance that both washes and dries clothes. These units have only one chamber for clothes; they are not unitized or stackable washer/dryers. Many washer dryers are also designed to be portable, offering even more options for storage and use of the unit.


Basically, washer dryers have two loading capacities: Washing Capacity and Drying Capacity. The washing capacity is the maximum amount of clothes that can be washed at a time. Drying capacity is the maximum amount of clothes that can be dried at a time. Both are measured in weight. Drying capacity will often be less than washing capacity. This is because in separate machines the drums must be of different sizes. When combined into one machine the drum is made smaller to favour washing size requirements so that clothes can rub together during the wash cycle.

Here are standard washing and drying capacity ranges:


Washing capacity: 4.5 - 4.9 kg, 5 - 5.4 kg, 5.5 - 5.9 kg, 6 - 10.2 kg

Drying capacity will also have the same ranges and an option of less than 4.4 kg. 5 kg or less is appropriate for a single person household. For each additional person, go up a category.


If you do an online research, you can see that there are very few washer dryers available in the large category. MEGA10WD is a large washer dryer form Baumatic with a capacity of 10kg. This 63cm washer dryer has a spin speed of 1200 rpm with 'A' graded energy efficiency performance and is available in white colour. Hoover HDB284 has a spin speed of 1400rpm. This Fully Integrated Washer Dryer has 6kg Wash Load Capacity and 4kg Drying Capacity with 29 wash programmes.  Another washer dryer that belongs to the large category is L14950 from AEG. This is a Freestanding Washer Dryer has a washing capacity of 8kg and a drying capacity of 6kg with Silent System. You can find all these washer dryer models on our shopping website.


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