Top Washer Dryer

top washer dryer

Are you in search of a new washer dryer that offers the best features? Probably you have got confused by the wide range of washer dryers present in the market. Then how to select the washer dryer that will work for you and your lifestyle? There are certain factors you must consider while planning to buy a good washer dryer.


Washers & Dryers have to be the most important appliance in a person’s home.
They can yield the most savings out of any other appliance you buy. Here are the main features and specifications typically found on tumble dryers:

  1. Front loaders are one machine with both washing and drying capacity. They are capable of being built-in or freestanding and are most efficient with space. Clothes are loaded into the machine from a port in the front. Top loading washer dryers are actually two machines stacked into one unit with separate tumblers and controls. Clothes are loaded into the washer in the top, but into the dryer through a door in the front.
  1. Spin speeds are how fast the washing machine will spin the clothes to remove water from the wash. They are measured in rpm (revolutions per minute). Higher rpm speeds offer the advantage of quicker drying. Higher spin speeds create more noise, wear, and tear on the machine.
  1. Washer dryers will have two loading capacities. The washing capacity is the maximum amount of clothes that can be washed. Drying capacity is the maximum amount of clothing that can be dried. Both are measured in weight.
  1. Water consumption is the overall water used for a load. It is different and higher than drum load which is the amount of water it takes to fill the drum. Both are measured in litres.
  1. The noise levels of washing machines are measured in decibels (dB). Machines that are 45 dB or less are labelled super silent. Many fall into the 50-60 dB range.

The leading home appliance brands such as Miele, AEG, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Zanussi, Bosch, Hoover, LG, Siemens, etc have brought out a wide range of washer dryers that are currently present in the market. HOTPOINT Aqualitis Dryer, AEG L16850 washer dryer, Bosch WTE84308Gb condenser washer dryer, Zanussi ZWD12270W1 washer dryer, Whirlpool LTE5243DQ 24 Stack Washer Dryer, Haier HLP21E 6.6lbs Portable Compact Washer Dryer,  Haier HBF1055TVE Front load Washer Dryer, Maytag MVWC6ESWW Washer Dryer,  The LG WM3988HWA washer dryer are some of the top models launched from these brand washer dryer manufactures.


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