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aeg washing machines

Washing Machine is one of those technical revolutions which had made peoples life simpler and easier in terms of cleaning of clothes. Gone are the days when washer man use to wash the clothes and dry them and bring it back for you. With modern day technology people get their clothes washed all the while they are in sleep. As it say fill it shut it and forget it, your clothes would be washes and dried when you wake up.


 Technological advancement have brought many changes in clothes cleaning from industrial to the house hold ; with more and more usage of  clothes in home furnishing came the need of heavy duty and more efficient washing machines. Manufactures across the world are coming with better and better models every day.


Washing machines are classified based on 2 things loading and functions. Loading means the way you load clothes in washing machine from front or top. Top loading are the ones which have a loading panel on top of machine and you can add clothes in between too while operating. A front loading machine is one where you just add the clothes and detergent and connect to water source and operate. The loading door can’t be opened in between i.e. before the washing is complete as it would throw out all the water and clothes out on opening the door.


Based on functions they are classified as semi-automatic and automatic one which suits to some countries where you needs to transfer clothes from washer container to dryer container and automatic which does cleaning and drying all in one.

AEG is a leader in electronic product amongst different product line washing machine is one of the strongest one in terms of product quality and market presence. Some of the popular models L64840 series & Lavamat Turbo 14840 series.


The AEG Electrolux Lavamat Turbo 14840 is a washer-dryer combo that's ideal for busy households.


The AEG L64840 washing machine has 21programmes with a wide variety of wash, spin and temperature settings


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