Baumatic Washing Machines

baumatic washing machines

Ever since washing machine was invented it made things easier for us gone are the days when people use to spend hours of efforts to clean clothes or those who could afford washing services used them.


With the advancement of technology the world changed; washing machine was one such invention which changed household and industries too. With more and more use of clothes in draperies and other things in household and industries there were need of heavy duty washing options and here came the washing machine in all size capacities and technological smart functions  to sort problems once and for all.


Today when we go out in search before buying a washing machine there are n criteria’s to consider for right from usage (family/industrial) to capacity and pricing.

So when you go out for a washing machine purchase; evaluate your needs first in terms of capacity and functions.  Washing machine now a days are as smart as intelligent computers which can take care of all your washing needs based on clothes quality, water temperature, detergent used, washing time and so on. It would wash clothes while you sleep, just load the clothes add detergent and one can even program the start time and then have a peaceful sleep.


Baumatic, is a famous appliance manufacturers, who has quickly grown to a renowned worldwide Company, which has operations in 46 countries and continues to gain recognition with residential consumers across the globe. They are present in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East, and still in the process of expansion. They have a variety of products of their own, such as Washing machines, Dance partners home appliances, built in ovens etc.


Baumatic has a number of models available in washing machines in different range of capacity and price like Baumatic BTWM5 series, MEGA10W series, BWR1206 series, and BA320W series. The price range is £210 - £940


There are 2 kinds of machines hot fill and cold fill. There are several advantages with a cold fill machine such like that only cold water goes into the machine unlike the hot and cold fill that fills the drum with warm water. This way, one can reduce wastage of hot water. It has a 24 hours delay start timer with which you can set the time to start the wash cycle.


The Baumatic machines come with temperature sensed fill that saves users time, money and energy. They have variable wash temperature that allows users to select the ideal temperature to wash different types of clothes. With the time saver feature users can reduce the time taken for some of the wash programs. One can even make the machine memorize some of your frequently used wash programs; this can be done with the memory function in most of the machines. The other features of Baumatic machines are - out of balance spin protection, automatic fault diagnosis, automatic water level control, audible end of program signal and time remaining indicator. Most of the machine have an LCD display for users to access the information relating to the wash program.


In case you want to buy Baumatic washing machine you are at right place, can help you choosing the right fit for your needs and budget. You can also compare the prices with other brands and Baumatic prices offered by other sites and us.