Bosch Washing Machines

bosch washing machines

There are different types of washing machines of various sizes, capacity, texture and colors have been manufactured by various brands. In such a situation, a customer often finds it difficult to select a washing machine suitable to one's needs. Before buying a washing machine the first thing to be noted is your personal requirements. We can narrow down our search arena to finalize the apt one on the basis of our requirements.


There are two types of washing machines: - front loading and top loading. If you want to place your washing machine beneath your kitchen counter then front loading is the best choice. Top loaders are machines with larger capacities and so need to have more power and water.


The wash load capacity of a washing machine determines the amount of load the machine can handle for one single wash. It is recommended to use the machine to its full load for optimum energy conservation. Mainly there are three categories as per the wash load capacity of a washing machine, <5kgs, 5-7 kg and >7 kg can be selected according to the size of the family.


The spin speed is another criterion which determines the speed at which the machine spins the clothes to remove the water while operation and is measured in revolutions per seconds (rpm). Cotton clothes require a higher spin speed whereas a lower spin speed is enough for synthetics and delicate clothes.


Different other kinds of features also make a customer confused to select the washing machine best suitable for their needs. cheap price compare can help you finding a good brand. In our opinion, Bosch is a good and available brand.


The Bosch Group is a global player in the business of technological services and areas of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods, building technology etc. They are present in 150 countries including its sales and service partners. The products of Bosch have diversified fields like Automotive, Home power tools, trade and other industries. The home services of Bosch include Home appliances also. So it is obvious that Bosch is specialized in refrigerators.


Bosch Exxcel WAE2446BGB is a Spin Washing Machine in black color with a wash load capacity of 7Kg along with a spin speed of 1200rpm. It has a price of £496.29. Another product of Bosch is Bosch WAE28468GB Exxcel also is having 7Kg wash load capacity and an agitator spin speed if 1400rpm, available in white color and with a cost of  £449. Bosch Logixx WBB24756 is a larger washing machine with a capacity of 10Kg for wash load and a spin speed of 1200rpm. It is available in White color and has a price of £741.20.


Bosch WAE28468GB Washing Machine, Bosch Logixx WBB24756, Bosch WAE2446B spin Black Washing machine, Bosch WAE24364GB, Bosch WVTi2842GB, Bosch WVD2452S, Bosch WIS24140GB WIS24140, Bosch WLX24164GB, Bosch WAE24364GB, Bosch WAS32469GB, Bosch WIS24140GB, Bosch WAE2446SGB etc are some other popular models of Bosch available in UK. We can get them in a price range of £381 to £1,028.


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