Candy Washing Machines

candy washing machines

The washing machines available today are mainly of two types, front loading and top loading. In a front loading washing machine, the clothes are loaded to the washing machine through the front, whereas the top loading washing machine gets loaded with the clothes through the top or lid. Top loading washing machines have drums which are vertically positioned through a hinged lid which can be closed during the washing cycle. At the time of the operation, the drum gets filled with water and a motion is created in the water by the drum and an agitator, helps the clothes to get washed by pushing and pulling them into and out of the centre then up and down from the top to the bottom. It is not easy to clean larger items in a top loading washing machine they float on the water rather than circulating round the drum.


Front loading washing machines are mounted with a horizontal drum, and the clothes loaded in it through a special door at the front. It is designed with a door at the front of the drum and also attached with a bellows type seal to make sure that water is not leaking out in a front loading washing machine the rotation of the drum happens due to gravity so an agitator is not needed there.


There are different types of options in features are also there. Manufacturers are always keeping them busy to implement innovative ideas to advance their products. A lot number of world class brands a re competing themselves in the manufacture of washing machine. Candy is one among them. It has started its operations in 1945 and now it has a wide presence all over the world.


The experience made by long 64 years helped candy to progress as an extraordinary success in the field of innovation and research. Now Candy is developing its business arena on a daily basis. They always take care for the needs of the modern consumer and also aware of the needs of a new lifestyle of people who like to have family life instead of living alone.


Candy GO482 is a spin washing machine with 8Kg capacity for wash load and a spin speed of 1400rpm. It is available in white color and has a cost of £303.46. Candy CDB754D is an integrated Washer Dryer with 5kg wash load capacity and has a price of £499. Candy GO464 6 is a small Spin Washer Dryer in White color with a wash load capacity of 4 kg and a spin speed of 1400 rpm.


Candy CDB754D, Candy GOF462, Candy GOW464, Candy AQUA100F, Candy GOF462, Candy CANWMW03, Candy GOW464, Candy GO292, Candy Cdb754, Candy GOF462, Candy CDB126, Candy GOF462 etc are some other available models of Candy washing machine equipments in UK. They are available in UK in a price range of ₤289 to ₤545.


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