Commercial Washing Machine

commercial washing machine

A washing Machine which is used for commercial purposes is known as a commercial washing machine. A commercial washing machine is supposed to be used more frequently for long term, than a consumer washing machine. In a commercial washing machine, more thrust is to function, than its style, so most of the commercial washing machines will have a common style, a sharp edged square appearance. Since it is constantly in a moist environment, it usually has stainless steel exteriors to fight with corrosion and rust. Since they are used for commercial purpose, one owner may have more than one number of commercial washing machines. So usually they are installed in rows with a wide access passage way in between.


Most of the time commercial washing machines are placed for general public, which are operated by money accepting machines in Laundromats or launderettes. A commercial washing machine does not have elaborate features as a consumer washing machine used to have. They offer only 3-4 washing programs when the consumer washing machines offer 15-20. Like a consumer washing machine, a commercial washing machine also has the facility to choose wash cycle temperature.

There is a big difference between the consumer washing machine and commercial washing machine in the expulsion of water. The consumer washing machine pumps the used water out and also removes the waste line; where as a commercial washing machine depends on gravity to remove the used water. Since it goes through the bottom of the refrigerator, the waste line remains there.


Commercial washing machines are attached with some specific features which can never be seen in the consumer washing machines. It has an automatic chemical injection option in which a precise metering system measures the detergents from the large wash load in the washing machine, so that the operator may not do it manually. Some of the commercial washing machines are controlled by computers for the operators to have complete control over the washing cycles.


Commercial washing cycles also have been manufactured by many of the manufacturers. Some of them are being discussed here. Frigidaire FCCW3000F is a Front Load Washing machine with an Energy Star Compliant. It has a capacity of 3.1 cu/ ft. Top loading commercial washing machines are also available in the market.

Whirlpool CAM2752TQ Top Load Washer is an example for it. It is a Top Load Activator Washer with a capacity of 3.2 cu/ ft. General Electric WNRD2050D is also a Top Load Drum Washer having an Energy Star Compliant with a capacity of 3.5 cu/ ft.    Maytag MVWB800V is a Top Load Washer with a capacity of 4.7 cu/ ft. General Electric WPDH8800J is a Front Load Stacked Washer / Dryer having a capacity of 4.2 cu/ ft with Electronic Touch, Dial Controls, and Digital Display etc.


Speed Queen ATSA0AWN, Frigidaire FCCW3000F, Whirlpool CAM2752TQ, Speed Queen SWT921, General Electric WNRD2050D,Maytag MVWB800V, General Electric WPDH8800J,        Speed Queen ATSA0AWN etc are also some of the available commercial washing machines.


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