Electrolux Washing Machines

electrolux washing machines

Washing machine as the term suggest is a machine to wash clothes towels, linens etc.
It has seen a lot of revolutions over a period from small tiny frames to big giants, it’s a house hold name now, a necessity one can’t live with .


They are classified as Top loading and front loading. The difference is in the loading mechanism i.e. the way one loads clothes in the machine either from the top panel or from the front panel


The front loading machines are said to be power and water efficient where as top loading consumes more water and power. It does have its own advantages too. In top loading you can open it between to load more clothes, one doesn’t have to bend down as to be done for front loading.


Top loading don't work in the same way as front loading machines so are more complicated - and hence can be more likely to break. The top loading machines are more expensive than front loading although it does of course depend on which model you buy. If you wash a lot of large items these can tend to go to the top and don't get washed as well as they would in a front loading where the items are swirled around using gravity.


One should take their time when buying a washing machine - as you don't want to get home and find you chose the wrong one!


Modern day washing machines have come out of ages in terms of functions. They are more like small computers which can be programmed to work as per your need. It can work in your absence and even while you are asleep. One just has to select the required menu options and they are done. The major hindrance of inability to load a front loading machine once it’s started has also been overcome in recent machines

Electrolux is one of the most respected and trusted names in the world of house hold appliances and gadgets. Right from the cooling solutions to washing solutions and so on .It has a range of thoughtful and innovative features that offer superior fabric care as well as reducing owners workload, it makes users life easier.


It has a wide range of front loading and top loading machines. EWN14991W Front Loading Washer, EWT959SA Top Loading Washer,EWT606SA Top Loading Washer,EWF1481 Front Loading Washer,EWF1282 Front Loading Washer , The price range varies from £40 - £760


  • EWN14991W Front Loading Washer
    8kg front load washing machine with Time Manager wash system and an easy access incline drum.

  • EWT959SA Top Loading Washer
    Large capacity top loading washer utilizing the new Water Aid water saving system

  • EWT606SA Top Loading Washer
    Medium capacity top loading washer utilizing the new Water Aid water saving system.


It also has a range of built in washing machines. Fully integrated laundry appliances are the finishing touch for ones kitchen, by discreetly hiding an important appliance behind a furniture door.


In case you wish to buy an Electrolux machine we can help you with that, right from feature comparison to price comparisons and online buying too
We are here to help you out with all.