Hotpoint Washing Machines

hotpoint washing machines

Washing Machine is a common household name everyone familiar with, a part of their day to day life. No one worries for washing clothes any more no more sweat for those long hours to wash clothes and dry them.



Initially when washing machines were invented they were done to help the big hotels and industries to wash there bulky linen and draperies and all it was very late that they became the household thing.


It has come out of ages with bulky and ugly looking big giants to the sleek and intelligent computer at your home. One doesn’t have to worry about the water temperature or mixing of colored clothes with others, woolens, linens etc and son now everything is taken care by your washing machine. One just had to program it and it does all for you, doesn’t require your presence. Even when you are out of your home it would start on its own clean u r clothes, dry them and be ready for you when you return.


Ever thought of a world without it, seems like a nightmare isn’t it. When we think about it then we realize its value in our day to day life. It is one of the most importance gadgets of modern household which is indispensable.


Well buying a new washing machine is again a headache with multitude of options in features, functions and pricing. So when you venture out for one be prepared with your needs in terms of no of people in family, kind of clothes you need it for, availability of water, cost and so on. Be a smart customer and choose a product which best suits your need, take an informed decision.


The load capacity is one of the factors that needs to be considered when one goes out to buy a washing machine. Load capacity helps in judging what no of clothes one can add for one cleaning cycle. One should take in consideration the number of family members and daily outflow of dirty clothes. Smaller families can go for lower load machine like 4.9 kgs etc but bigger families need heavy duty and heavy load machines.


Hot point is a leading manufacturer of electronic products, it has a wide presence. It started its operations in 1911. It has variety of product lines from kitchen appliances to house hold appliances from dishwasher, freezers to washing machines. Company believes in ‘Advanced technologies with common sense'. It has a wide presence supported by good network and support staff.


It has a variety of options to choose from like gas dryers, electric dryers, top load washers and portable dryers to choose from.


Hotpoint has a number of models available in washing machines in different range of capacity and price like Hotpoint AQ9D69UV series, BHWD129 series, WMD940K series, and WMD960G series. The price range is £330 - £750

In case you want to buy Hotpoint washing machine you are at right place, we can help you choosing the right fit for your needs and budget. You can also compare the prices with other brands and Baumatic prices offered by other sites and us.