Integrated Washing Machine

integrated washing machine

A clutter free kitchen looks comfortable and good looking. If you want to give a posh appearance to your kitchen, even though, you do not have enough space inside your kitchen. For that you should have all the luxuries of modern kitchen in it, such as Washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, tumble dryers, washer dryers etc. Having enough places for them inside your kitchen, when it is small will be difficult for you. In such a case, integrated washing machine is a way for you to choose out. But, integrated appliances are not able to perform as free standing one, because it will loose a lot of its qualities, when we try to fit them with extra fittings to your kitchen premises. But still people look for aesthetic look, then its functional advantages. Having aesthetic look, by not compromising on quality and functional need is what we need in a washing machine. We, at the compare cheap are trying to get you that.


Since integrated washing machines are fitted into your existing kitchen units and are hidden away by a door, they can’t be seen unless you want to use it. So need to open it before using. Again cleaning of the hidden sides of an integrated washing machine will literally be impossible, since it is fitted somewhere. Also, you won’t be able to change or rearrange the cabinets and the machines often. They will also not be efficient as the free standing washing machines. Since the manufacturing cost of an integrated washing machine is much more than a free standing model of the same type, an integrated washing machine is expensive than the other one.


Even though it has a lot of disadvantages, it is the best suitable for a smaller kitchen. If at all it does not work as efficient as its free standing counter part, it washes all the laundry you have. The extra electricity you use for it is the compensation for your small kitchen. So if you are not blessed with a large kitchen, an integrated washing machine is the only option you can look into. A lot of companies are there, which are in the manufacture of integrated washing machines. Electrolux, Hotpoint, Liebherr, Smeg, Indesit, Candy, Hoover etc are some of the well known brands of integrated washing machines which are popular enough in the market. Hotpoint HZ141 88cm Integrated Freezer, Liebherr IG1956 140cm Integrated Freezer,  Electrolux EUN12300 Integrated In column Freezer,  Electrolux EUF10800 Integrated Frost Free Under Counter Freezer,  Hoover HBC3150 Integrated Fridge Freezer, Candy fully integrated built under freezer CFU130/1K, Indesit INC325 Integrated, Smeg Integrated Under counter Freezer VR120B, Hotpoint HUZ121 Integrated Freezer, Liebherr EG1113 88cm Integrated Decor Panel Freezer, Electrolux EUN12300 Integrated Freezer, Hotpoint HZ201 Integrated Freezer (HZ201B) etc are a few among the models of integrated washing machines available in the market.


The place where you reached now is the best place if you plan to buy an integrated washing machine. We can compare all these models for you on the basis of your need and budget. We can also help you to shop online.