Lg Washing Machines

lg washing machines

Washing machine, also known as washer, is a machine designed to wash clothing, towels and sheets, among other fabric-made materials. It has started its long journey from a simple hand-operated bucket and now evolved it as an electronically operated washing machine. When the first washing machine was invented, it was a hand operated one. The first automatic washing machine was invented by Bendix in 1937. General Electric is the first company who brought the automatic washing machine into market and it was in 1947, after 10 years of its introduction.


There are two types of washing machine, named as top loading and front loading. In top loading washing machines, clothes are thrown inside of the washing machine by opening the top cover and its drum is vertically mounted, whereas front loaded washing machines are loaded through its front area, and the drum inside it is mounted vertically and the clothes are placed through a door at the front. They are subject to fast maintenance.


Recent inventions have found washing machines which can restrict the use of water to only a cup to carry out a regular full load. Such a washing machine can save us billions of liters of water every year. Research is still on this particular subject to make the washing machines more user friendly and fast in performance.


Various companies engage themselves in the research of up gradation of washing machines. Most of them are having world class products. LG is one among them. LG Electronics known commonly as LG is a global player in the manufacture of electronic appliances such as flat panel TVs, audio and video products, mobile handsets, air conditioners and washing machines. LG has started its operations in 1958 and has been recognized several times with many global awards in terms of design, quality and performance.


Some of the most popular washing machines of  LG include LG F1456QD, LG F1402fds6, LG F1403FD WASHING MACHINE WHITE, LG F1403FD, LG F1247td, LG F1247td Direct Drive Washing Machine, LG F1402FDS, LG F1222TD, LG F1402FDS6, LG F1402FDSWH, LG F1403RD F1403RD6 Washer / Dryer Black, LG F1402FDS6 Black 9kg Steam Washing Machine, LG F1402FDS White Steam Washing Machine,  LG F1247TD Freestanding Entry 8kg Washing Machine. They are available in a price range of £320 to £699.99.


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