Slimline Washing Machine

slimline washing machine

For a kitchen which is very small or in an open kitchen where you will feel the importance to save even a little space available, it will be difficult for you to spare a lot of space for some sort of luxuries. In such a case you will search things which can save your space free. But still there are luxuries, you really want and won’t be able to leave them up, for the sake of saving space, such as a dishwasher, a tumble dryer or a washing machine. But there are ways; we can engage our small kitchen with all these luxury items with a careful planning.


A slim line washing machine is a small washing machine which can be fitted into your small kitchen to give more aesthetic look to it. A small washing machine may not have enough capacity for wash load. So in the functional point of view a slim line washing machine is not up to mark when compare it with other types of washing machines. Most of the times, a slim line washing machine is placed under the bench in the kitchen. So looking on the practical side, a slim line washing machine will be more useful if it is a front loader. Since it is a front loader we cannot add clothes once the operation has started. So if you have a big family, a slim line washing machine is not a better option. A slim line washing machine can be a good option, if you live alone and want to have a washing machine even you don’t have a big kitchen. Almost all the brands producing washing machines are also producing slim line washing machines. Bosch, Miele, Whirlpool, Indesit, Siemens, Smeg, hoover etc are examples for this.


The slim line model of Bosch, now available in the market is Bosch WLX24162GB Slim line Washing machine. A lot of new features are there attached with it such as front loading, 15 types of washing programmes, rotary dials washing control type, 1200 revolutions per speed, 15 wash presets, drum washing method, quiet operations, “B” spin drying efficiency and de-wrinkle feature etc. The slim line washing machine of Miele, now available in the market is Miele W2809IRWH, which is a built in washing machine, with 1400 rotation per minute. It has a 5 kg load capacity. Hoover has a much better slim line washing machine. It has designed its Hoover HNT5146 as a slim line washing machine, with better performance along with having a good aesthetic look with white color. It has a wash load capacity of 6 kg and 1400rpms.


Most of the washing machine manufacturers have slim line washing machines. Selecting a good brand to buy your slim line washing machine needs a lot of effort if you do it your own. There is a possibility of a single brand having more than one number of models. So selecting a brand model which is best suited for your needs and budget seems difficult. We the cheap price compare can help you in such a situation. We can compare all the models of all the branded slim line washing machines in a short time. We can also help you to shop online. So go ahead, login to cheap price compare to have a happy shopping with compare cheap.