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smeg washing machines

Washing machine is one of the essential home appliances we use in our everyday activities. While we buy any items, even items for our basic needs, we should understand what is our need that makes us to buy it? We should have an idea that why we are buying it. This should be done especially when you are doing a major purchase like a washing machine. If you don’t have an idea about the need, you will be in confusion while you are in the market to buy it, because most of the manufacturers provide different types of features and you need to select the ones according to your need. This common rule is true in the case of washing machines also. And so when you plan to buy a washing machine, you have to be very careful to choose it that will fit your needs.


You can have a long term vision while you buy such a thing which is not fast moving consumer goods. We will not buy a utility device on a regular basis. We may buy such an item may be two or three times in our entire life. So there lies the importance of having a long term vision during a washing machine shopping. This implies you to buy a washing machine of 6kg capacity even if you live alone if you want to have a family, when as a lonely person you need to have only 4.9 kg. The life of a washing machine can be about 20-30 years. In 30 years, without a problem changing washing machine is not a wise decision. If you marry in 2-3 years, you can expect your family size of about 5-6 in ten years. So your need will compel you to buy a new one before 20 years than the expected time. So have a long vision in this regard.


This is true in the case of other features also. Don’t think that you can buy a washing machine without a dryer because it is a summer, you can expect rainy season and winter in a short time. Then you can’t buy a new one to complete your need. Like that there are different features are there offered by different manufacturers of washing machines. Have a complete idea of all those stuff before you leave for a washing machine shopping. The first step is to find a a job. The company with a good business can be considered for it. SMEG is a good company in this regard.


SMEG is an Italian company which mainly focused in the manufacture of kitchen appliances. They have started the operations in 1948, by Vittorio Bertazzoni. SMEG can be expanded as Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla started as a metal enameling factory. Later on they have started manufacturing “Retro” refrigerators and have become the leading manufacturers of home appliances in Italy. Bertazzoni family manages the company and has its head quarters in Guastalla, Italy. The refrigerators of SMEG are appreciated and accepted by all. They are simple in its looks and elegant in its design. They are available in almost all parts of Europe and have widened their operations to cater the needs of customers all over Europe.


Smeg Wm61121 is a white colored washing machine with a spin speed of 1200rpm. The faster spin can help to remove more water. You can get a Smeg Wm61121 in a price of £358. Smeg WMI12C is a fully integrated washing machine and it has 15 washing programmes such as rapid wash, easy iron etc. Smeg WDF12C has been designed with an electronic display panel Variable Spin Speed up to 1200 rpm and it has 14 different types of washing programmes and has a price of £539. You can add the touch of retro cool to your kitchen with Smeg Wmfab16ro, which is a pink washing machine and has a spin speed of 1600 rpm. A Smeg Wmfab16ro costs £843.62. Smeg Wmi12c is an integrated washing machine with a spin speed of 1200 rpm and the price is £539.


Smeg WMFAB16RO Washing Machine, Smeg Washing Machine WMF16A1, Smeg Washing Machine WMF16A1, SMEG WDF16BA1 Washer Dryers, WMFAB16NE Washing Machine, Smeg WMFAB16P Washing Machine, Smeg WMFAB16RO, WMFAB16RO,  Smeg WMI12C Washing Machine, Smeg WM61121, Smeg WMFAB16P etc are also there in the long product list of SMEG washing machines . They are available in a price range of £492 to £872.80.


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