Top Washing Machine

top washing machine

Basically, there are two types of washing machines. Front loading washing machines and top loading washing machines which is commonly known by the name top washing machines. In a top loading washing machine, the washing is done by an agitator that turns on a vertical axis inside the drum when the front loading does the task with tumbling the clothes in a tub that rotates on a horizontal axis.


Top loading washing machines are the front runners in the different models of washing machines. Long before the front loading washing machine becomes popular, the top loading washing machines were the only solution for all your laundry issues. There are enough reasons for it to become popular, because of those reasons, they are still in use and people prefer it to front loader. Some of those advantages which make top loading washing machines special are detailed here.


A top loading washing machine has a fast laundry cycle than a front loading washing cycle. I t is easy to load a top loading washing machine than its counterpart. You don’t need to bend down while you load it and also you can add clothes to it once the operation cycle has started, which is not possible in a front loading washing machine. It is true that it is not much energy efficient as the front loaders and also the presence of agitators cause greater wear and tear in clothes, but they are affordable to every one because they are cheaper than the front loaders.


Nowadays people prefer front loaders because of various reasons but still top load washers are still a good choice, even though they are not as popular today as they were in the past. Yet companies are producing it because there are still people who prefer it. There are different brands in the market who are engaged in the manufacture of top washing machines such as Whirlpool, Samsung, Miele, Siemens, Hotpoint, Maytag, Hoover, Indesit etc.


WTL500P is a Top Loading model of Hotpoint washing machines with a spin speed of 1000rpm and a load capacity of 5kg. Hoover HNT6414 is a 6Kg Top Loading Washing Machine with a spin speed of 1400rpm Spin speed. HNT6414 is another top loading model of Hoover with a wash load capacity of 6Kg and a spin speed of 1400rpm.

WTL500 is a Top Loading model of Hotpoint with a wash load capacity of 5kg and with a spin speed of 100rpm. Hotpoint WTL500P, Hotpoint WTL500, Maytag 3RMTW4905, Whirlpool American Style Washing Machine, Whirlpool AWE6517, Whirlpool AWE6517, Hoover HNT6414 etc are some of the other models of top washing machines available in the market. We can get them in a price range of £308.52 to £678.


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