Twin Tub Washing Machine

twin tub washing machine

The technology has grown very much that, now washing machines are available in various designs and with special features that make them more and more consumer friendly. A washing machine is usually consists of a drum and an agitator. A fully automatic washing machine consists of only one tub in which both washing and drying take place simultaneously. This can save time, effort and even money you spend for electricity and water. But a semi automatic washing machine has two drums, two identical drums, since it can be called as twin tub. One tub is used to perform functions such as rinsing, spin-drying, and washing. Here a steady stream of water is used to wash away the detergents. The second tub is to dry the washed clothes and we need to transfer the cleaned clothes to the dryer manually.


In a twin tub washing machine, the entire operation for washing cycle takes a time about 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the load. Even though washing process in a twin tub washing machine is a time consuming process, it considerably reduces the effort of an individual effort. Most of the people prefer to choose a twin tub washing machine due to the cost advantage. It is true that a single tub fully automated washing machine, but most of the people don’t go for it, since it is very much expensive. For consumers with shoe string budget, affordability factor becomes the sole criterion in the selection of a washing machine than the comfort factor.


In this highly competitive environment in the washing machine market, tends the manufacturers to introduce innovative products. So they are always finding to introduce something new in the affordable product for every one. So a twin tub washing machine always gets improved with new features. Bosch WAA24171GB is a Freestanding Automatic twin tub washing Machine with an available wash load capacity 6kg and Bosch WAE24364GB is also a washing Machine in white color. Zanussi ZWF12070W, Hotpoint BHWD129, Beko WM5100W, Miele W5740 etc are also washing Machines with twin tub, and which are available in the market.


Since a lot of manufacturers are there in the field, it will be better for you to choose a reputed brand with full proof warranty and post sales service. Internet is a very good source to find valuable information about the refrigerators. We, at cheap price compare helps the customers to find the best suitable washing machines on the basis of your need, space availability and budget. We also help them to shop online.